Our company was formed between two close friends with the single-minded purpose of providing employment with dignity for Villagers in Sri Lanka and India. We have developed the following products for use by various industries.

Magic Soils' Palm Peat

The outer shell of the coconut fruit is processed into two materials; The fibre is very strong and lightweight and does not absorb moisture, while the Coir fibrePith/Palm Peat is very absorbent and maintains moisture; once ried it readily re-absorbs water and will not become agoraphobic.

Coir Fibre Pith/Palm Peat (CFP) is available compressed in 650g briquettes, 5kg blocks and 25kg bales. Ideal as a propagating substrate or blending with a good quality potting mix to maintain moisture content and reduce regular watering. Also for use in the following industries:

  • Palm Peat for Commercial Growers and Potting Mix manufacturers
    Available in compressed 650g, 5 kg, 25kg blocks/bales, or expanded and supplied in Bulk bags.
  • Mushroom Propagation
    For Mushroom casing - CFP is a suitable alternative for white mined peat, and blended with a heavier black mined peat
  • Hydroponics - Retail & Commercial
    Compressed blocks are processed and packed in 50 Litre or bulk bags in Australia for the Hydroponics Industry. These are available in a 100% CFP or a blend of 70/30 CFP and Coconut Husk Chips for efficient air filled porosity of the substrate.
  • Orchid & Bromeliads
    Three grades of Coconut Husk Chips are available: 5-6mm, 10-11mm (suitable for Orchids, Bromeliads or for custom blends)and irregular chips/shavings (suitable for blending potting mixes or mulches).
  • Animal Bedding
    A blend of CFP and Coir Fibre for Horse stables, Zoos, etc. Great for absorbing moisture and odour.
  • Industrial Use
    As an absorbent for most types of oil and water based products, in home garages, factories and industrial sites.

Magic Soils' Erosion Control

Magic Soils Australia stocks a wide range of erosion control products, which are suitable for stabilisation of steep slopes, riverbanks and highway construction. Can also be used for green roofs, garden beds and around train/tram tracks.

  • Geo Blankets
    Manufactured from a layered mix of Jute, Coir fibre, and polypropylene or jute thread. ariety of blankets ranging from 300-1000gsm, available in 50m rolls, 2-2.4m wide. Can be stitched with jute thread to enable a fully biodegradable erosion solution.
  • Geo textiles
    Coir twine or yarn is woven into an open mesh to provide 100% biodegradable erosion control. Different thicknesses and strengths available for various applications.
  • Geo Logs and Pillows
    Great for Riverbank stabilization and revegetation, sediment control, shoreline and estuaries protection and wave attenuator. Different shapes and compositions available an be 100% biodegradable. Pillows also great for roof greening and floating gardens.

Magic Soils' Coir Fibre Products

  • Coco Bio Pots
    Made from coir fibre and natural latex, more durable than other bio-pots on the market and will only start to break down once they are in the ground. Comes in a wide range of sizes and shapes.100% biodegradable.
  • Basket liners
    Made to fit wire baskets in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Made from Coir fibre and natural latex, very long lasting and durable.
  • Mattresses
    Made by sandwiching dense coir fibre with natural latex foam, these mattresses are a natural and sustainable alternative to conventional bedding. Produced in an ISO9001 certified state of the art facility.
  • Moisture retainers/weed suppressors
    Needled coir liner, with or without latex, retains moisture around root zone and prevents weed growth. Great for new plantings and gives a neat appearance for trees planted in lawns.
  • Coir Twine
    Magic Soils is the main supplier of twine for the Hop growing industry in Tasmania and Victoria. Our twine is available in a wide range of thicknesses and strengths, suitable for applications including aquaculture (eg. oyster cultivation), carpet manufacture, garden use, etc.
  • Egg holders
    Made from coir fibre and latex, durable and long lasting, great for those with backyard chickens.

Magic Soils' Brushes and Brooms

  • Magic Soils' Eekle Broom
    Bristles made from Coconut Palm fronds, handle made from expired rubber-plantation trees and tied with Coir twine. This is a completely sustainable product, which is very hardwearing, great for sweeping large areas and great exercise too! Also available in Kids' size.
  • Veggie Brush, Bannister/ Hearth Brush
    Bristles made from long coir fibre, and wood from expired rubber-plantation trees. Custom designs available, lightweight and long-lasting.

Magic Soils' Floating Wetland/Island Substrate

  • Floating blocks made of Filling Coir.
  • Can be produced in tailored sizes, with an outer cover of either PP Net, GI Not or Coir Yarn net.
  • Different shape and thickness configurations available..

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