Magic Soils Australia, in its quest for alternative renewable products for the nursery industry, has tested and released coir fibre pots for both growers and retail garden centres. These eco pots have the advantage of reducing the cost of disposing of plastic pots (of differing types) and preventing shock to the plant when either re-potting in a larger container or in the ground.

The additional advantage of the "eco" coir fibre pot is its longer shelf-life at garden centres/growers, as compared with other biodegradable pots.

The "eco" pots break down once planted in the ground. They are perfect for large scale landscaping projects for their ease of transportation and combined with a potting mix that includes Palm Peat, ensures a reduced maintenance of the plants. With the increased pricing of global plastics, Magic Soils Australia is sure the "eco" pots are ideal for both the present and future.